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A homeless man is awoken by somebody muttering self-help gibberish. The muttering is coming from a large yellow slug like creature that throws the homeless man into a sack and then scribbles on what appears to be a list.

Steve is having no luck in unlocking any telekinetic powers. In the night, Sara finds Steve lying on the Kitchen floor, at that moment a large figure calling himself The Maxx appears wearing a robe. But Sara insist that it is Norbert. Sara and Norbert/Maxx bring Steve to the hospital. We meet Skye; Skye is Steve’s not so ex girlfriend. Norbert/Maxx tells Sara about a giant yellow murderous slug named Iago. Sara takes this for the rants of a madman and ignores him.

Sara visits her farther and instead finds his girlfriend, Gaynor. Gaynor tells Sara that her former serial rapist and murderer father is now working with battered woman and children. Sara goes home and finds Steve in much better shape. Turns out Steve overdose on nicotine and sugar cereal. Sara wants to move out of Steve’s apartment but is guilted into staying by Steve’s promises of change. Skye shows up at the apartment and pulls Steve to a club with her despite his doctor’s orders to stay in and rest. Steve does not come home that night.

Sara goes back to see if her dad is home and finds him fishing. He tells her that she has powers. This upsets Sara and she leaves. When she gets home she finds a message on her answering machine from Steve. Skye with the help of her ex-husband pushed Steve out a window and forced him the eat five chocolate bars and left him in an alley to die. Sara finds Steve and finds that his condition was exaggerated. Sara has an epiphany; She cannot open herself to anyone because the one person she did open up to used her. It was Jimmy from way back in issue four.

Sara inadvertently finds that she does indeed have powers.

We meet Iago again, this time he’s at a dock feeding a gaggle little pink exploding fairies human body parts.







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