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The Time Lord that would later be known to the universe as the Master was born on the planet Gallifrey. As a child he was a close friend of the Doctor.

At the age of eight the future Master was brought before the Untempered Schism, a gap in the fabric of reality to which the whole of the time vortex itself can be seen, a right of passage for all young Time Lords. It was by looking into time that the young boy would hear a calling, the sound of drums in a rhythm of four that would follow him for the rest of his life and would ultimately lead to his insanity.

Many years later, after the Doctor stole a TARDIS and fled Gallifrey. The Master would soon find his way to Earth to implement his revenge upon the Doctor who too had regenerated into his third incarnation. The cat and mouse games between the Doctor and the Master would continue until his eventual capture by UNIT but this imprisonment was short lived as a visit by the Doctor and his companion Jo Grant unconverted a plot of world domination from the depths as the Master had forged an allegiance with the Sea Devils however the only victory would come in the form of his freedom as the Sea Devils were defeated by the Doctor whom he would encounter twice more before disappearing for a number of years.

Resurfacing on Gallifrey, the Master was now nothing more than an animated corpse, having reached the end of his regenerative cycle and seeking the lost power of the first Time Lord, Rassilon. His obsession with the Doctor would once again be his down fall, summoning the Fourth Doctor home with a vision of things to come would only result in the Doctor uncovering his old foe and forcing him to leave still in his decrepit state.

The many victories won by the Doctor over the Master would come back to haunt him when a trip to Traken would see the Master finally acquire a new body and set in motion events that would lead to the Doctors death and subsequent regeneration into his Fifth incarnation.

The Master would continue to hound the Doctor right up until his Seventh incarnation when after his execution by the Daleks on Skaro requested that the Doctor take his remains home, this was nothing more than another ploy to try and kill the Doctor and this time take his remaining regenerations.

After being sucked into the TARDIS`s Eye of Harmony, the Master was seeming defeated for good but with the onset of the Last Great Time War, the Time Lords resurrected the Master, seeing him as “The perfect warrior” for such a war. The horrors he would see during the war would force the Master to escape to the end of the universe and make himself human so nether side could find him; he would live under the identity of Professor Yana for many years before an accidental encounter with the Tenth Doctor would force his dark persona to resurface and the battle to recommence on present day earth.

Using mobile phone signals, he secretly hypnotised the population of Great Britain into believing he was a politician named Harold Saxon and was elected as Prime Minister. The Master unleashed the Toclafane from the end of the universe and begin a reign of terror that would last a whole year before Martha Jones was able to help the Doctor undo the damage done. With his paradox broken the Master was seemingly at the mercy of the Doctor when his wife unexpectedly shot and killed him, once again making the Doctor the last of his kind.

As ever with the Master, this death was not all it seemed as part of him survived and he was resurrected once more at Christmas, this time more deranged than ever before. What began as another battle between the two Time Lords would eventually see the return of Gallifrey itself and the darker and more malevolent Time Lords that dwelled on it within the final days of the Time War. His plans undone with the flick of a glove, the Master stood facing certain death at the hands of the Time Lord President Rassilon, but it would be the Doctor who would come to his rescue. His final act was to save the Doctor as he unleashed his anger and remaining life force upon the Time Lords seemingly going with them back into the time lock.

Powers and Abilities

As well as being a Time Lord, the Master has a superior genius intellect rivaling the Doctor and has achieved great feats, such as cannibalizing a TARDIS into a Paradox machine able to hold the universe in a paradox for at least a whole year while masterminding a plan to take over the universe. While the Master was in the disguise of Professor Yana, he was able to create a spaceship out of nothing but scraps, an achievement the Doctor called him a genius for. The Master has superhuman abilities and is psychic and telepathic, with other abilities resembling to that of the Doctor. The Master is a skilled swordsman, strategist, and an expert hypnotist.

The Master used to have his own TARDIS, and has constructed a Tissue Compression Eliminator that reduces the size of living targets to nothing more than a doll, which he would continue to use for many years until in his most recent incarnation, he constructed a Laser Screwdriver in parallel to the Doctors Sonic screwdriver.

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