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Character Biography

The Massive Globula is a sentient mutant who makes his first appearance in Agent X #10. The Massive Globula is a male and an old "sparring partner" of Fight-Man. He is a green humanoid figure but his body is composed of a mucas like substance. The Massive Globula attacked Agent X forcing Fight-man to use his powers once again to deafeat him. It was quickly defeated by Fight-man and left in many pieces scattered all over the city street.


Elasticity- The globula's body is made of a mucus like substance that can stretch and form many different shapes the limit to which isn't fully know. He has been seen stretching to evade attacks even forming gaps in his own body for this purpose. He can also enlarge his hands to strike with greater force.
Invulnerability- The Globula's mucas body is capable of reforming after being destroyed

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