Will he come back?

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Is Mask is ever going to be back? Altough I love both versions it could be great if they are going to use The Mask then it needs to be violent  version.  Mask may be one of the best if not the best comical violent comic book character and it is a shame that they have not used him more.

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one day maybe

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O_O I didn't realized the comic version was so evil

#4 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (18976 posts) - - Show Bio

kno ya comics history

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I would if I had a comic store near me and if the Mask was a incredibly famous character, like Joker, Deadpool, Wolverine, Batman, etc.

It became famous with Jim Carrey, before than that I had no idea it even existed O_O

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Such a shame that such a great, fun, original comic book character has not been used for such a long time.  One of the greatest comical and violent comic book stuff I have read in long time.  I prefer The Mask over Deadpool every day.  John Arcuddi did a great job creating such a likeable and evil character. This comic book series also has a pretty good story which is pretty suprising because violence is maybe not as explicit as Marvel MAX series but  it is more interesting and original.

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I would want to see a next mask movie

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ya i liked the movie

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