guardiandevil801's The Mask Of Zorro (1998) review

Zorro Reborn!!!!

As a fan of comics, I decided to check this movie and I loved it. The story is about how Zorro is getting old and just as he gets ready to quit his enemy, Don Rafael Montero, who takes his child, while his wife was killed and set his house on fire. Along the way he meets Alejandro, a boy who saved him and offered to help him get revenge on his brother's killer and train him to be Zorro, while also getting revenge on Rafael for taking his daughter. The story to me is about passing the mantle from one generation to the next and I loved it. I love Antonio Banderas as Alejandro/Zorro 2 and Anthony Hopkins as Don Diego/ Zorro 1. This movie had great action some funny scenes and a great story. I did love the ending on how Don Diego passed his mantle over to Alejandro and allowed the relationship between Alejandro and Elena. I'm giving it a 5/5 because it shows an amazing story, a great cast, awesome fights and action, and a movie that is really enjoyable too. I recommend this movie because it's a story about a man becoming his hero and becoming the hero the people need. Its a fun blast and should be watched.


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    In the late 90s, someone got the bright idea to revive the Zorro franchise with Antonio Banderas as the lead. It was a good idea, but the film made some puzzling choices.  To begin with, the film picks up midway through the Zorro saga, with the previous Zorro (played by Anthony Hopkins), training his successor (Banderas). Not entirely sure why the filmmakers chose to start in the middle like this, but I suspect it's related to the second puzzling choice - the casting of Anthony Hopkins. It seems...

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