dark_noldor's The Manhattan Projects #8 - They Rule review

Battle for science and power

This series shows great potential! Potential to break boundaries, to explore science fiction and politics of the time (after WWII) with absurdity and a dark sense of humor. Potential to prove Hickman is working without limitations, that his creativity, once the editorial allows him, is floating boosted by the wind, that he can play with weird characters, giving them purpose, that he can play free all his crazy ideas that infuse this story with freedom. Though this issue has focused more in action and in the fact that A.I. Roosevelt is trying to stop the group from achieving their goal to go beyond and change humanity, hence not developing a great deal of the plot, Hickman optimized it by putting our strange and "beloved" characters in situations that they must show their true colors or that they must show marrow bone to stand up to the challenge. This series continues to amaze me because of how Hickman is playing with characters from History, giving them personalities, moods and alliegencies that completely crash our perception of them: like Harry Truman as a caricature Mason follower and his band of high placed men that are trying to smash the Manhattan Projects, or even the evil Nazi scientist Wenher von Braun, who only joined the Nazi government because of his love of rockets and now, changed sides only to keep pursuing his passion, or even a Yuri Gagarin who's a mix of Rambo and nationalist, with his sidekick Laika, a talking dog. The level of absurdity and fun that this series is providing is off the charts, that makes it an original and entertaining masterpiece. Like I said before, this issue was more about action, a battle raging on between the Manhattan Projects and Truman's group, but still was very interesting to see how Hickman seized the opportunity of the meele battle to develop some characters, especially Von Braun. Also, Nick Pitarra's art is in constant evolution and his style is a perfect match not only for the story being told, as also for Bellaire's beautiful and amazing colors. Since the space continuum is the limit for this title, I'll continue to adventure myself in this book, because, like I said, it has great potential, there're ton of plots and sub-plots yet to be developed, like Evil Einstein, the Schizo Oppenheimer, the patriotic General Leslie Groves and, with hope, much more characters will appear to color this incredible and fantastic comic book that Hickman is producing. Just a small note, a token of gratitute: since this is my 1000th review, I would like to say thanks to all my collaborators, to all my friends in the vine that contantly support my reviews, that keep me going on, also I would like to thank all the viners that, despite not recommending or even not reading my reviews, will sometime cross my reviews and be helped by them to choose their titles that fit their likes. This has been a great journey and I hope to continue doing that! Thanks for great comic books like this one!

Posted by broo1232

Well done on the 1,000 mark :)

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Good review. I was getting this series, which was interesting but had to drop it. Kinda glad I did now.

Also congrats on reaching 1,000 reviews : )

Posted by RazzaTazz

Congrats on reaching 4 figures

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