chroinkero's The Manhattan Projects #1 - Infinite Oppenheimers review

Manhattan Projects #1

The Good:

The concept is really good. It is a interesting take on historic events. There is a very strong sense of... oddness? in this book. There is a very cool battle that takes place during this book and the story seems like it will continue to be very interesting. The art is also very interesting. Not necessarily great, but pretty good.

The Bad:

I really do not like what they are doing with the main character. I don't necessarily see why a main character is necessary in this book except for just increasing the creepiness of it. Later in the book, you learn some very disturbing things about the main character and its very hard to describe, except as just disgusting.

The Decision:

I have given this book a 4/5 because it is just so interesting and cool the concept is and I feel that the story will be really good considering all the material the writer has to work with. I do feel though that the main character is necessary and if feel like the book would probably actually be better without him.

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