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New Bonding

While Venom was suffering from some kind of insanity involving multiple voices (some from the symbiote, some not) in is head, Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut came into town. They had been hired to kidnap someone and it looked like they were going to cross paths with Venom. One night, Eddie was talking with a woman he (and the symbiote) liked when they were confronted by a large man. The man was none other than The Juggeraut!

The person he and Black Tom were after was apparently Eddie’s girlfriend. Venom wouldn’t stand for that and he attacked Juggernaut. They fought, and at first Venom got tossed around like nothing. Before long though, it became obvious that Juggernaut wasn’t even phasing him. Venom was laughing and cracking jokes (a lot like his old enemy Spider-Man). This only made Juggernaut angrier, and he pounded Venom through the ground and all the way down to the sewers. When they stopped falling, Venom started hearing the voices again but Juggernaut heard nothing. Juggernaut tossed an unconscious Venom into a pool of red liquid and left him for dead. There was something strange about the liquid, and it started to talk to Venom. On the last page of the issue, they began to bond…

Venom Out of His Mind

  When Venom awoke he discovered that the weird substance that he had landed in was trying to become one with him. He welcomed it, saying, “Venom has room in his head for more than one creep!” He learned that the creature had its own will, and he mentally forced it to think like he did, making his mission (to protect the innocent) and his mind the dominant one. Venom emerged from the pool drastically changed. He was much bigger, had two more pairs of arms and had several small Venom-like heads on his shoulders.

Somewhere else, three beings, Paranoia, Necromancer and Dusk, discussed some sort of secret plan they had for Venom. Paranoia’s job soon became obvious. Her face appeared in Eddie Brock’s dream and the next day, he started acted crazy. A friend of his joked that the president of a certain corporation was evil, and Eddie, believing that the man was actually evil, turned into Venom and went after him. Venom found the corporation offices and watched as a janitor cleaned the president’s room. She sat in his chair and pretended she was him and Venom, seeing thins, decided she was the president and killed her!

That night he had more crazy dreams about Spider-Man, aliens and insanity. He went over to his girlfriend’s house to talk but things got out of hand. While they were talking, the suit (controlled by the virus he had picked up) forced him to try to have sex with her, and it even started to cover him while he did so. Eddie controlled the suit, but only for a moment. It came back stronger than ever, telling Eddie to bond with her like another symbiote. While he was trying to “bond” with her, Juggernaut attacked. Venom transformed back into the six-armed, multi-headed version he had recently acquired. He knocked Juggernaut around but Juggernaut was able to push him back and Venom fell into an opening in reality that had just appeared behind him.


Venom vs Juggernaut

Venom arrived in some sort of strange dimension after being pushed by Juggernaut. Upon his entrance to the place, he was attacked by Necromancer and Paranoia. He fought them while, in the real world, Juggernaut talked to his girlfriend. After Venom beat Paranoia and Necromancer, Dusk appeared and sent copies of Wolverine and Spider-Man at him. When Spider-Man and Wolverine were dead, Dusk vanished after saying that Venom was getting more crazy, even though he was acting more sane than he had thus far. When Dusk was gone, Venom returned to the real world and noticed the virus was dying. He then went to his girlfriend’s apartment and fought Juggernaut, telling both of them that he was sane again. Juggernaut ran away saying that he wasn’t getting paid enough to keep fighting. Venom talked with his girlfriend about what had been going on. She said they were just going to be friends and Venom was heartbroken. He was able to hold it together though, and they kissed one last time.

After he left her apartment Venom returned to the sewers. He put the virus (which he’d named Creep) back in the water he’d found it in, but said that they made a good team and that anytime he needed more strength, or Creep wanted to team up, they would.

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