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There is no story at all here to get in the way of the plot. Seriously. The A-Team is in trouble, because the Losers reminded me why I liked that show.
There is so much testosterone in this movie I watched the women exiting the theater scratching their balls.
I can't say this is the perfect guy movie, even with th pure sexiness of Zoe Saldana, there was just not enough ( Read that as none ) female nakedness to be the "perfect guy movie"
What you do get is a lot of guns, and a lot of explosions set off to a lot of good and bad jokes. This is pure entertainment. Like the Replacements, I can see myself watching this movie a lot. I loved it.
Jeffery Dean Morgan is now "The go to Comic Book Guy" after this and a very memorable turn in The Watchmen. Okay, with an honerable mention to Chris Evans, who was pretty good as Johnny Storm, plays a nerd who has trouble speaking with women.
There is also a guy here who looks like they made Justin Long up to look hispanic. That is neither here nor there. See this one.

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