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The film opens with with six US special operatives--Clay, Jensen, Roque, Pooch, and Cougar--in the Bolivian jungle on a mission to assassinate an alleged druglord.

The company are very good at their job and are good friends with each other.

However they disobey orders when their boss--a mysterious man they only know by voice--orders the bombing of a building containing children.

They rescue the children while killing the alleged druglord's gang--the team's leader Clay personally dispatches the man.

They save the kids in a bus just as Max's planes bomb the building, and receive the children's deepest gratitude.

When a helicopter arrives to pull them out, they elect for the children to go and them to wait for another one.

Max shoots the helicopter with a missile and believes he has killed them--then manipulates the news to have it seem as if they killed the children.

The six men band together and vow to fight to get their lives back--and get revenge on Max.

Months later the team--loosely dubbed The Loosers--isn't doing so well. Pooch misses his wife--who is pregnant with his kid. Jensen is desperate to see his beloved niece. Cougar doesn't talk very much, but he doesn't seem to happy. Roque keeps trying to get Clay to help them settle in, but he is intent on bringing Max and his organization--which includes much of the CIA--down.

Everything changes when Clay meets Aisha. What starts out as a one-night stand with a particularly attractive young lady becomes a violent fistfight as Clay realizes Aisha is there for a reason other than sex. After they stop punching each other long enough for her to convince him she isn't working for Max, they agree to meet with the rest of the team in a cemetery the next day because she can help them bring down Max. She says she also wants to get kill Max and that is her motive.

The team meets Aisha and all of them (especially Jenson) are quite attracted to her--with the exception of Roque, who doesn't trust her at all.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Max has extorted an Indian company into allowing him to purchase a bomb with extreme destructive capabilties--with an easily programmed blast radius and no environmental side effects like radiation.

Aisha smuggles The Loosers back into the United States. The night before they start their war on Max, Aisha walks into Clay's room and the two flirt, quickly their conversation ends and they begin to have sex.

The seven plan to hijack an armored truck driving through Miami which they believe Max will be inside.

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