twilightthunder's The Losers #1 - Dead Man's Hand review

A fast-paced high-octane ride!

I haven't finished this series but let me tell you something, i just friggin' love it. Jock's art absolutely brings Andy Diggle's great script to life. While paying a well-deserved tribute to the good ol' Losers' DC used to publish. it got cancelled after the earth-shattering events on Crisis on Infinite Earths. This brand-new take on  the Losers puts them as the hard-boiled, relentless and daredevilish team we'd likely see starring this sort of series, they got betrayed by those that employed them and now they're seeking a way to unleash their vengeance upon'em, no matter how high the stakes, The Losers are driven by some sort of force no one can match on the heat of battle, I.E. they have absolutely nothing to lose. The cast is nothing short of excellent, Diggle worked his magic on each and every member of the team, that being said. Jock was the perfect choice to illustrate them. If you're an action-junkie like me and you grew fond of movies like Die Hard or True Lies, and you're able to mix that with a multi-layered revenge plot, then this book's perfect for ya, pal!

Posted by Dr. Detfink

I liked the 2004 concept the first time when it was called the A-Team.

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