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Once a humble wizard (believed to be Horace Worblehat, though this remains unconfirmed), the Librarian worked in Ankh-Morpork's Unseen University. This was a dangerous job, as on the Discworld spells have sentience, and books of them can be powerful and have their own agenda, leaping from the pages into the minds of unsuspecting wizards in an effort to be said. The Librarian was transformed by a side effect of a world-reshaping spell cast by the Octavo, the Discworld's greatest spellbook, and was transformed into an orangutan. Luckily, he found he quite liked his new form, and has strenuously (and violently) resisted any attempt to turn him back.


The Librarian was created by author Terry Pratchet, and debuted in the second Discworld novel, The Light Fantastic.

Character Development

The librarian is a character in Terry Pratchetts Discworld-books. He was a human wizard, before he was changed to an orangutan (his mind was unchanged, though). He has never wanted to change back in to a human again, even if someone might be able to revert the spells effects.

He is called The Librarian, because he works as one in the Unseen University's library.

He has helped in saving his home planet, Discworld in numerous occasions.

He has also demonstrated great fighting abilities. Something that was a near impossibility when he was still a human.

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