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Everything Is (mostly) Awesome 0

I shouldn’t have liked The Lego Movie this much. In an age of corporate personhood, where every major studio film is based on an established IP or attempted reboot of a franchise from yester year, something called The Lego Movie could easily have been the most cynical and mediocre cash grabs of the year if not decade. And after the first five minutes, you realize, it isn’t any of that. OK, by its very existence it is a bit of a corporate cash grab by Warner Bros. and the Lego Group ...

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The LEGO Movie 0

this movie is possibly one of the most overrated movies ever made. everything about it is so impossibly cliche; the characters, the plot,the jokes!! The jokes are the worst they try so hard to be funny but unless you're an idiot,five or high they come off as offensive because you actually spent money to see this. The characters are the definition of cliche and uninspired, oh lets see chosen one destine for greatness, villain with no motive, the jerk rival, and the girl (not to forget the goofy s...

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