The Legend of Luther Strode #5

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The Good

When you grab an issue of Luther Strode, you expect insanely intense action that'll make your jaw hit the floor and ridiculously lively artwork. Well, issue #5 of Luther's second series does not disappoint one bit and absolutely delivers what we've come to expect and love.

As engrossing as Justin Jordan's script may be, it's the visuals by Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro which make this book so darn spectacular. In the wrong hands, Jordan's graphic direction could fall flat, but this duo doesn't make gore disgusting -- instead they make it absurdly over the top. This vivid look just begs to have a violent animated series made for it on Cartoon Network or any other channel willing to contain this much greatness. Because I don't know about you, but when I read an issue of Luther Strode, the animated and cinematic artwork makes this feel like an astonishing and amazing cartoon.

There's a vicious amount of brutality in this issue. It's surreal and a real credit to the art team how these truly horrific moments don't make you cringe. It's just the opposite, in fact. It's in the same vein as a fatality over in Mortal Kombat. You'll cheer like a fool or gasp, but the end result is always the same -- the graphic content in this scenario is twisted and downright awesome. Binder's death? Seriously cool stuff right there.

While the visuals remain stellar, Jordan gives the chapter a nice change of pace by having Petra serve as the hero. She's clearly at a huge disadvantage while being hunted by Jack. I mean, we're talking about a regular person versus a guy who humiliated Luther. But despite the impossible odds, Jordan fills her with an admirable amount of courage and drive, and sometimes that's all you need to save the day. It's great seeing her attempt to hold her own and the way everything plays out is simply fantastic. There's a pretty common trope thrown in there ("The hero must find the strength to overcome!") but despite that, Jordan's dialogue keeps it down to Earth and humorous. Super strength isn't much without some motivation behind it, after all.

The Bad

Complaints? From me about this issue? No, sir!

The Verdict

With a grounded and humorous script, stunning visuals, and overwhelming amounts of unparalleled action, Luther Strode's adventure has yet to let me down. There's only one issue left, but I'm sincerely hoping Jordan has detailed plans for a third volume up his sleeve. And if not, I hope the overwhelming amount of praise I've seen for this book will motivate him to make some! Oh, and Tradd of course needs to stay on the book. I can't imagine a Strode story without his signature style. Anyway, if you've been enjoying the series, you won't be surprised when you love this issue. If you haven't been following along and you're a sucker for action, go read the first volume and catch up immediately. Simply put: Luther Strode is fantastically awesome.

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Look forward to reading this in trade.

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@longbowhunter: Agreed. I've heard good things about Luthor Strode, and once I finally pull off that diamond heist I've been planning, a TPB is at the top of my to the weapons grade uranium

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A great issue indeed.

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I read the first couple issues of the first series and just don't get the concept. Maybe it's the gratuitous violence, I don't know, it's just not for me.

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I can't say how great this series is. I would say pick this up, but since volume 2 is just about to end, it will probably be cheaper to get the whole thing at once.

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