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Korra seeks Tenzin's help to enter the spirit world; but Tenzin's attempts fail, and she is instead guided by Jinora. In Republic City, Mako continues his investigation of Varrick. When Asami goes to cheer Mako, his apartment is raided by the police and they find evidence, planted by Varrick, that he was responsible for the thefts from Future Industries, resulting in his second arrest. At the South Pole, Unalaq fails to open the sealed North Pole portal himself, and reports to Vaatu, who promises that Korra shall come to them.






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Welcome to the ‘I Disappoint Dad Club' 0

Everything is starting to come together. Korra has rejoined Tenzin and the Aang Clan while Mako find himself as the odd man out in his hunt for Varrick. “The Guide” sets a lot of things up but there is still the emotional journey of Tenzin and Jinora that gives the episode a nice emotional base to draw on.“Welcome to the ‘I disappoint Dad Club’”, Bumi chides his no so spiritually attuned younger brother. It’s Tenzin’s great shame that he has never been into the Spirit world. He couches his sham...

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