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Korra delves deeper into the Avatar's past and realizes what she must do in order to restore balance between the physical and spirit worlds.

After being admonished by Raava, Wan discovers that Vaatu is turning other spirits dark and threatens to destroy the world. With Raava as a conduit to obtain the power of Air, Wan travels to other lion turtles to gain control of Water and Earth to prepare for the 'Harmonic Convergence' in which Vaatu and Raava will battle for the fate of the world. When Wan finds his human and spirit friends fighting each other, he joins himself with Raava to pacify them; but this puts him in mortal danger, and can do nothing to stop the spirits from killing his friends. Upon traveling the Southern spirit portal with Raava, Wan battles Vaatu before convincing Raava to possess him.

Fighting Vaatu with the four elements, Harmonic Convergence occurs, causing the two portals to overlap with each other. Using the energy generated by the event, Wan fuses with Raava permanently, thereby becoming the first Avatar. With his newfound power, Wan imprisons Vaatu in the Tree of Time before having the spirits returning to their world and closing both portals. Thereafter Wan spends his life trying to bring peace to the world. After attaining a great age, Wan apologizes to Raava for failing to bring peace while darkness still stands. Raava reassures him, "Don't worry. We will be together for all of your lifetimes, and we will never give up." Upon exhaling his last breath, Raava (having transformed into the divine Avatar Spirit entity) leaves his body, beginning the reincarnation/rebirth cycle. With most of her memories restored, Korra learns that Harmonic Convergence is only a few weeks away and rushes to find Tenzin.






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It Was Set In Stone, You Just Didn't Know It 0

For the first 6 episodes of Korra, the titular character and the rest of Team Avatar were made out to be unlikeable and foolishly naive. Almost like they had all didn’t realize they’d been pulled into a story where the stakes are the fate of the world (Damon Lindelof would be proud). Korra has been made out rightly as an egotistical sheltered schoolgirl who has been told she is the Muhammad Ali all the time and only knows how to problem solve with brutish action. The rest of Team Avatar has bee...

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