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Victorian comic book

Well I've reviewed one Alan Moore comic and two Alan Moore-based films so it's obvious by the scores I'm giving these movies/comics, that I friggin' love Alan Moore (except for the LXG movie, that sucked). So it's about time I reviewed the LXG comic.
First of all, I'll just repeat myself a little by saying I'm a huge fan of 19th Century sci-fi/horror novels. The Invisible Man by H.G Wells, is my favourite book of all time, and H.G Wells is one of my favourtie authors of all time, if not, my ultimate favourite author, hell, The Invisible Man is my profile picture for heaven's sake. I'm not so much a fan of other Victorian novels though. Jane Austin, Charles Dickens...meehh. They're classic authors, but not my taste. 
Anyway, now to actually talk about the comic. The choice of characters in the comic is very interesting. For those who don't know there's Allan Quartermain (from H. Rider Haggard's "Allan Quartermain" series), Mina Harker (from Bram Stoker's Dracula), Capt. Nemo (from Jule's Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), Hawley Griffin (from H.G Wells' The Invisible Man, YAY!) and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (from...well you know). Now personally, I would've thought that Alan Moore would've added more famous characters in the League like Sherlock Holmes, Abraham Van Helsing (instead of Mina) or Tom Sawyer (YES, I just said that). However, I do also like what Moore did with these characters, e.g. Sherlock Holmes was actually killed by Prof. Moriarty. 
Another point I'd like to make about the characters is that some of them seem useless. I mean, Mina Harker doesn't seem to do anything in the comic in my opinion. She has no powers and her only major use in the story is to find members for the League and to help Griffin find Prof. Cavor (from H.G Wells' First Men In The Moon). In the movie, Mina is still a vampire after Dracula bit her in the novel, and that is the one thing about the movie that I prefer to the novel. 
Another thing I like about the comic is it's running Victorian theme going through it. In every chapter, there's an old-fashioned style beginning and ending to every chapter, with "turn of the century" style language and old English cockney, which really builds up the whole 19th Century feel to the comic. Hell, even the ending biography about Alan Moore and Kevin O' Niell lies about their history to make them more Victorian. 
Anyway, hope you guys like my review, I'd add more but I've got severe writers block at the moment, so maybe I'll add some more another time. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment.
Edited by NightFang

Good review, but I think Sherlock Holmes lived.

Posted by Moomin123

Did he? Must've forgotten about that part.
Posted by NightFang
@Moomin123: I think it's hinted in the next few issue, but i'm not sure.
Posted by caesarsghost

yeah, this is an awesome review. What an interesting take on the comic- situating it within the Victorian tradition. Very cool and insightful!
Posted by Moomin123
Thanks a dozen.
Posted by Liberty

I have to say I liked the LXG movie.  I also am annoyed with Mina in this book.  In this issue alone she has to be saved from two separate rape attempts.  I was hopeing it was going to turn out she was a vampire like in the movie but if she has no powers or skills I am concerned for her appeal and usefulness to the group.

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