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Her name is Iris Allen and she is the fastest girl alive. After the U.S.A lost Kansas, parts of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri the world worked hard to make the world a utopia. Iris spends her days delivering meals to the elderly as well as trying to get in touch with her father (Wally West) and make him see she is right to claim the Mantle "Kid Flash" Her brother, however Barry West pushed her over and eats the meals, he shows her what their father said. That the world is going to end in a day, Barry spends the day relaxing while Iris and her father try to make every ones last day on earth as pleasant as possible. She meets her brother in North Africa, he is getting a tattoo and she bawls him out for not helping.she then travels so fast she manages to tell her father "Good night. I love you" and goes off trying to stop what ever will end the world opposed to make every ones final day nice. After Barry tells Wally this and says 'I never understood that little fruit fly.' Wally responds with 'Don't call her "fruit fly." That's not her name. Her name... is Kid Flash.'

Good old Iris West!

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