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Take my advice, I do this for a living....

So, Dark Knight is out and many newbies are coming into the comic book store on the weekends asking me, "What Joker comic would you recommend?" I say, "Arkum Asylum, and Killing Joke", the two best Joker stories that I can think of. But no one listens, and they question my suggestion, even after I tell them I'm a writer. anyways, this one jockish type kid, nothing against jockish kids, it was just an easy way to describe him, sees this very same Joker issue hanging on the wall behind me. It's up there as a joke because it is terrible. I take it out of the b&b for him and flip through it. He says, "Looks pretty cool." I say, "It sucks." And then go off on a rant.
"This depiction of the Joker is poor. It's mostly based off of Ceasar Romero's work on the late 60s Batman television show. He comes off as a boring comical asshole, who wants to monologue for most of the issue, rather than be sinister and cunning. The art work is also just ok. In all honesty, it has nothing going for it, if you're looking for the Joker you saw in the Dark Knight movie. You'd be better off saving your money and seeing the film again. Trust me, this comic is not worth your time."
Obviously, not verbatim. More of a paraphrase. Anyway, he decides to buy the $7 comic anyway. Good luck getting through that pile of garbage, idiot.
By the way, it gets one full star because the colors really pop in the issue, like Susperia.


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