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The early adventures of Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) continue to unfold.

In the present, a badly scarred Mitch Carson continues to try to track down the renegade Ant-man. His search leads him to the apartment of a woman that Ant-Man saved earlier in the day, had supper with and was covert watching her shower. The SHIELD team detects Ant-Man in the apartment and Ant-man decides that he has to deal with Mitch once and for all.

Three months ago, Eric and Veronica return to active duty upon a rebuilt and upgraded helicarrier. Mitch confronts Eric about the missing Ant-Man suit, but Eric denies having it. Then he suits up to go spy on the women SHIELD agents in the showers. In the helicarrier's air ducts he meets some ants who he discovers he can talk to, but can't control them or receive their thoughts. He uses this new found power to convince the ants to have races for his amusement.

Back at work the next day, Eric is approached by Veronica who asks him out on a date. Meanwhile Mitch has been given an earlier version of the Ant-Man costume (similar to Scott Lang's) and sent to search the helicarrier for the missing Ant-man suit. Hank Pym warns him that this suit is inferior in every way to the renegade suit. Eric and Veronica have a good date and Veronica ends up staying at Eric's room for the evening. In the middle of the night he gets bored and suits up again. He rustles up scraps from the kitchen to provide prizes for the ants, but before the races can begin he is confronted by Mitch in an Ant-Man suit.

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