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The aftermath of the bloody coronation leaves King Mob, Jack and Lord Fanny shattered in the UK, which can only mean one thing: Ragged Robin to the rescue.

The second last issue in the run when the series acutally counts down for 12 to 1. This issue is also one of the few times where when being collected in Trade Paperback a few pages are redrawn and altered. In this case the three Ashley Wood pages that were later redrawn by Cameron Stewart for the collected Trade Paperback: The Invisibles, Volume 3, The Invisible Kingdom.

Inked version of the second redone Cameron Stewart page.

Below are the side by side comparison of Ashley Wood's pages verses Cameron Stewart's.

To the Left we have Ashley Wood's page, to the Right Cameron Stewarts.

All the words bubbles and the number of panels are the same in both versions in the above comparison. No words are changed in both the above and below versions. The only real difference is an additional panel is present in Ashley Wood's version. This could be a minor thing and something that was not in the script anyway. The main symbols and key visuals are present in both versions. All Cameron Stewart really did was exaggerate certain things, like the mother and her baby. Ashley Wood's pages stuck to a presentation with more shadows.

To the Left we have Cameron Stewarts, to the Right we have Ashley Wood's

Only really in the third and final page of Ashley Wood's contributes are completely changed. The number of panels extend from Five to Six and the visual presentation and ideas are very different. Only in the third page it is clear Grant Morrison was not happy with Ashley Wood's original pages.

The the left we have Cameron Stewart's page, to the right we have Ashley Wood's

The Cameron Stewart pages are considered the true version since they were redone for the Trade. Ashley Wood's pages are interesting because they were a different interpretation of the same script.

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