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Say You Want a Revolution

The first book in the Epic which is The Invisibles.  Most people will know Grant Morrison by his brilliant mainstream work, such as New X-Men, JLA, Final Crisis and Batman.  Before Grant Morrison messed with your mind in the mainstream, he was opening the minds of Vertigo fans with the Invisibles.
Its a simple idea, What if every conspiracy you know is real?  Simple idea right?... wrong!  Grant Morrison is likely the only writer who could explain to us that the world is not always as it appears.
The main focus in this first book is Jack Frost, a simple British boy tossed into a world where magic is real. Time Travel is real. The world will end in 2012..... That is a lot for any boy to handle, but this first book has to be lead my a boy.  We can trust this concepts if  we can relate to a normal chap.
The only thing I didn't like about this book was the art.  Both Jill Thompson and Steve Yeowell are great artist, but at this experimental stage of the series I am glad the art got a lot better in later books.
If you never read The Invisibles and enjoy Grant Morrison's Smart books, I suggest trying out this series.  Book 1 may or may not be the best place to start, I suggest book 4.  The Invisibles is the bible of the cult of Grant Morrison's BARBELITH church.  You can join or avoid, which side are you on?
- Silkcuts

Posted by Trodorne

Man just pumping these reviews out like no tomorrow.
   Grant morrison is a funny man to me. he has some of the most outlandish ideas in the comic book industry. final crisis being one of them. and this was one of the only issues i read of the series. a friend of mine brought it over for me to read cause he said it would BLOW MY MIND!
   Did not quite do that but it was a great read. The art was good, not something id liked to see on certain hero titles but it is great art. i did not know there were other issues. so that is something for me to look up on. thanks for the information and good review.

Posted by Silkcuts

Yeah the Invisibles are great, check out book 4 first.  Did you read the review of it?

Posted by Hawkeye446

Interesting concept, why book 4 first?

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