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In the sixth volume of the INVISIBLES collection, the group of freedom fighters must deal with the aftermath of their battle with the Hand of Glory. But as the Invisibles look to rest and regroup, they soon discover that this fight had far greater effects than their physical casualties. With King Mob growing even more violent and their leader Ragged Robin continuing to hide many secrets, the Invisibles find themselves dealing with time distortions, secret government installations, and their own warped pasts as they try to uncover the truth about the mind-controlling dwarf called Quimper.

Back Blurb

It's all lies.

And it's all true. No one knows this better than the Invisibles --- time-tossed freedom fighters in the secret worldwide struggle between the forces of liberation and anarchy on one hand, and authoritarianism and order on the other. Whose side are you on?

This volume opens with the Invisibles enjoying some long-overdue rest time in New Orleans. But their leader, Ragged Robin, holds many dangerous secrets in her mind --- and her lover, the superbly trained assassin King Mob, knows only some of them. Together they must lead their team through time distortions, secret government installations, and their own twisted pasts. Only then will they learn the truth about the mind-controlling dwarf called Quimper and come one step closer to the ultimate secrets of the millenium.

THE INVISIBLES: KISSING MISTER QUIMPER offers the most tantalizing peek yet into the secret conspiracies that rule our world. Award-winning creator/writer Grant Morrison ("comic book savant" - Entertainment Weekly) has created a modern epic in comics form, a fast-moving, mind-expanding metanovel in the best tradition of Philip. K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson.

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