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(note: this issue comes with a collectible Vertigo trading card from Skybox)

The culmination of Dane's initiation arrives in the finale to "Down and Out in Heaven and Hell"! The dizzying ritual brings Dane face-to-face with death itself. If he survives, Dane will finally meet King Mob and the rest of the Invisibles--shown for the first time--and embark on a new life...

The issue begins with Dane and Mad Tom joyriding in a stolen car. They stop and play a game of frisbee with a red disk. Mad Tom sits on a tree stump and remarks at how full of life and energy Dane seems, as the boy runs, jumps, and does cartwheels. Tom tries to talk to Dane about life and death, but the youth pays him little mind and replies that he's just being morbid. Tom tells him that sorcerers are warriors and don't get to have quiet deaths. Dane thinks he's talking about suicide, but Tom tells him that he was just going to SHOW him death. Tom has taught him everything he can; it will soon be time for him to join the order as "Jack Frost". Dane just scoffs that he's not joining any order, and he is definitely not calling himself Jack Frost. Later that evening, they blow up their stolen vehicle with a molotov cocktail. Tom tells Dane that they jump tomorrow.

After Dane takes another hit of the blue mold, Mad Tom gives him a piece of paper with an address on it. He tells the youth to go there when they've finished. They proceed to ride the train to Canary Wharf. Dane is tripping for most of the journey; rambling about machinery, blood, and oil. They enter the tall skyscraper, and Tom tells Dane to be invisible; to imagine that he's a puff of blue smoke. When they reach the pyramid atop the building, Mad Tom lights torches he had made from newspaper. Dane is frightened; saying that he doesn't want to do magic. Tom tells the boy good-bye and to trust him. He grabs Dane's hand and together they fall...

Dane lands in a strange field. Everything is colored odd. There is a red circle floating above him. The circle changes to green, and Dane decides that he's had enough. He runs out of the field, grabs a nearby bike and rides off. He rides past a scarecrow; everything still seems strange. Finally, with tears in his eyes, Dane stops as the purple sky changes to green, and a giant red planet with a ring around it appears in the sky directly above him.

Some time later, Dane goes to the address Mad Tom gave him. He enters the building and goes up the stairs into what looks like a classroom. On a chalkboard the phrase "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" is written. King Mob's headdress from Harmony House is on a table, as well as the wardrobes worn by the huntsmen who accosted Dane. Dane notices a grenade on the table and picks it up. It is pink and blue with letters cut and pasted on it to spell out the word "smile". King Mob appears behind the youth and tells him "school's out". Dane angrily yells at him for leaving on the streets after Harmony House; King Mob replies that it was for his own good. The rest of the group introduces themselves to Dane. He meets Ragged Robin(who's nuts), Boy, and the transexual Lord Fanny. Dane asks about Tom, but they tell him that Tom really is dead. King Mob asks Dane if he thinks he's ready for the Invisibles.

In Westminster Palace, a shadowy man covered with blood answers the phone. He tells the person on the other end of the line(whose name is Orlando) that they've discovered an Invisibles safe house in Soho; one that's presumably being used by King Mob's group. This makes Orlando excited, and the man tells him not to leave a mess this time.

Dane asks if everything he's seen was real, or if he was still tripping on the blue mold. KM informs him that there was no blue mold, just moss that you can't get high off it. Suddenly, Robin grabs her head and tells the group that Myrmidons are coming. King Mob again asks Dane if he's ready. Dane wonders what will happen if he doesn't want to join. KM tells him that he actually joined a long time ago, but he is still free to go on his way. However, this is his last chance. He can either sit and watch life go by, or he can join and be Jack Frost. King Mob and his Invisibles go running out the door. Dane hesitates for a brief second, but then runs after them.

Somewhere else, Mad Tom drops his torch and begins walking the long, dark, subway tunnels...

The Myrmidons come bursting in through the door of the classroom. The leader swears angrily that he can still smell the group. The words "LEARN TO BECOME INVISIBLE" have been added to the chalkboard. Suddenly, the Myrmidon commander notices the grenade on the table; it's pin has been pulled. He orders his men to get out before it...

The final panel is a closeup of the word "SMILE" taped to the grenade.

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