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H.G. Wells is the God of Sci-Fi!!!!!!

Now, being a 15 year old, I don't usually watch black and white movies. I usually find them corny or I don't understand the plot because I'm so distracted by how old the film is. But that changed when I came across the review of this film by James Rolfe (who you may know as the Angry Video Game Nerd) in his "Monster Madness" reviews. When I watched it, I was like "Dude, this looks awesome, I gotta check it out!". And so I did, thanks to the magic of YouTube. After watching the film, it quickly became one of my all-time favourites. 
For those who are like me and aren';t huge fans of black and white films, then I'd say give it a miss. But if you like black and white films or are a huge Universal Monster movie fan, then definately check it out. The main reason to see it is because of Claude Rains, the actor who plays Dr. Griffin a.k.a the Invisible Man. His performance is stunning and his voice is definately perfect for the role. Watch this clip now on and  skip it to 2:05 and watch until 2:28, and you'll see how awesome his voice sounds. 
Claude Rains is an awesome villain. In fact, in the TV show "Heroes", there's an British character named Claude Rains, and guess what superpower he guessed it, super-strength, I mean invisibility. 
Anyway, if you're thinking that the movie will be corny because it's a 1930s movie and that it'll probably have corny dialogue, then, you're sort of right. At the very beginning, when you see all the Iping residents drinking and talking to one another in the inn, there's lot's of nostalgic jokes and stuff and a lot of people are acting very corny. When I first saw it, I was like "Aww man, I hope the whole film isn't like this", but then Dr. Griffin comes in and raises the Awesome Factor to 11!!! He acts so dark and brooding in comparison to the other characters and it's almost funny to watch. There's one scene where the innkeeper tries to tell Griffin to leave the inn because of his strange behaviour, however Griffin just smacks him with a book and chucks him down the stairs!!! I was literally LOLing!!! XD  
Another notable character is Una O' Connor as Mrs. Hall, the innkeeper's wife. All she does in the film is friggin' scream! It's so annoying. She sounds like nails being scraped across a blackboard!     
Anyway, like I said, the Invisible Man is a treat for any Universal horror fan, so go check it out if you can and comment below, to tell me what you thought. I always love to hear people's opinions.
Posted by batmanbeyond234

Haha completely agree. Good movie.
Posted by NightFang
@batmanbeyond234 said:
" Haha completely agree. Good movie. "
              I 2nd that!
Posted by Moomin123

Thanks guys.
Posted by NightFang
@Moomin123 said:
" Thanks guys. "
              What are friends for anyway?
Posted by IIayK

Wells cool

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