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Has Tony Stark come face to face with his equal? His better…? Stark Industries is beset on all sides by the evil Ezekiel Stane and his hordes of suicide bombers around the world. Can Iron Man be in four places at once while his empire crumbles?

Is this the day the Man of Iron finally meets his match? The answer....maybe so. Tony sends his Iron Men to disable the bombers, he doesn't want a body count. But the bombers are still set in their mind their the martyrs and Stane is the man who will lead them. Tony improvises his fight with Stane bringing in more Iron Man armors to his fight in attempts to distract Stane long enough and give him an advantage. Soon Tony must take it into his own iron cold hands to defeat this man, but as he knew it would happen the bombers set off the bombs within their suits and three go off leveling cities.

His fight with Stane is a trying one will he make the killshot or will he not. Soon he makes the decision that affects the entire globe, the world without electricity. Trillions lost for one pathetic excuse for a child....Tony is angry and he makes the final showdown between his long time nemesis son a good one making Stane see what he has done. The world will not be the same, and Tony will never be the same again once he sees what he must do to stop this from ever happening again.

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