innate0912's Invincible Iron Man #516 - Long Way Down Part 1: Night of the Long Knives review

Stark Gives Up

Tony Stark has lost full control of his Iron Man suit when the government issues him a monitor for it which allows them to shut him down at a moment's notice.


As a jump on point for readers, the pace of the story was perfect. It starts with a quick pacing and transitions properly as it slows down. The story moves slowly which complements the mood of this issue. The artwork was great and so was the layout for all of the pages. The drawings are very detailed and the emotions of the characters are nicely drawn. Tony Stark is very vulnerable for this storyline and the writers and artists did a good job in showing that to the readers.


The cover art is nice and simple yet it might mislead a few readers to think that this issue's theme is very dark. Certain backgrounds weren't drawn as well as others and the blurry parts on some panels isn't really pleasant to the eyes.

Final Score

Personally, I picked up this issue to get introduced to Iron Man and I'm still torn if it was worth my money or not. The plot and mood of the story wouldn't make this a great buy for new readers who want to jump in to Iron Man's adventures. Even though this revolves around a pivotal event in Tony Stark's life, I feel that the creators could've done a better job for this issue. 3.5/5 stars.

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