razzatazz's Invincible Iron Man #510 - Demon Part 1: The Beast in Me review

Not as it seems

This issue starts off with pretty much everything the series was missing in Fear Itself.  Strong characters, a plot that is engaging and even a bit of action.  The duality of the predicament at the beginning was well conceived as well - Tony has just started drinking again (though sober at the moment) but the city of Dubai is dying for a drink of a different kind.  As the issue progresses it is clear this is one built more off of the characters and really the character development here was quite well done.  As it gets towards the end each of the plot pieces comes together quite nicely into an excellent lead-in for the next issue and the story arc as a whole.  This series may be up-and-down at times but with Fear Itself over it is finally allowed to be itself again, and at the moment it is at a peak.  

Those are some heels, I would guess eight inches.   
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Posted by JonesDeini

It seems I'll need to put this back on my pull list.

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