adamwarlock's Invincible Iron Man #507 - Fog of War review

Capable, but a letdown after multiple AMAZING issues

After 3 or so issues of tense, absolutely breathtaking greatness that were all the more impressive for accomplishing that feat while being corporate-mandated crossover tie-ins, this issue is just alright.
Split down the middle between continuing Tony's subplot working with the Asgardian dwarfs and Pepper's with her fighting alongside Sasha Hammer against the possessed Grey Gargoyle, the story is less focused and a bit clunky.  Cutting back and forth between the two plots so often, this issue winds up being robbed of emotional beats (which the prior issues were BRIMMING with).
Nothing much really comes of this issue.  Tony is still at work with the dwarfs (adding little from the prior issue) and Pepper, en-route to Paris last issue, has now landed and encounters what we the reader already know resides there.  If not for the previous few issues having set a really high entertainment bar, this issue might not seem as bad.  As it stands, this issue just kinda treads water.


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