jonesdeini's Invincible Iron Man #507 - Fog of War review

When Tony's Away

Pepper must contend with both the Hammer Corps and The Grey Gargoyle. And an unseen threat lurks in the shadow of Svartalfheim waiting to entrap Tony.  
The Good 
This is a great cover love how action packed and kinetic it is.  
The beginning of this issue does a great job of establishing how war the reach of the Serpent extends. Having sleepers in the realms of Odin really raises the stakes.  
Fraction does a superb job of writing Pepper and it's always great to see her in action as Rescue. Peppers been learning some new methods to apply her defensive armor's functions offensively and I'm rather impressed with some of the new tricks she's whipped up. She handles herself quite well against the Hammer Corps even though she's highly outnumbered and outgunned. The interaction between her and Sasha Hammer this issue was perfect. Fraction really has a knack for crafting naturalistic dialog in this comic.  
I gotta admit, Larroca draws draws a great "drunk Tony". His art work this issue was a lot more consistent than it's been lately. Glad to see him getting his focus back again. There are some really great action sequences that allow Larroca to impress.      
It's always good to see the hero thrown a curve. Tony having to face a threat of mystic origin should make for an interesting story next issue.  

The Bad 
While his art is improved it's not without it's faults this issue. Sasha Hammer's facial proportions were waaaaay off and D'Armata's colors were way off on one page. For a moment it looked like an entirely different book.   
The Verdict 
Buy This Comic! 
Invincible Iron Man continues to be one of the best Fear Itself Tie In series and Fraction and Larroca have been turning in some of their finest work lately. This issue's action packed and filled to the brim with fun. It has it's minor issues but hits more than it misses. I'm very much so looking forward to next months issue to see what the Serpents agents have whipped up for Tony. 

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