jonesdeini's Invincible Iron Man #506 - The Apostate review

Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay

Tony abases himself to attain aid for the earth from the All Father. Pepper heads to Paris to do whatever she can to help those affected by the Grey Gargoyle's rampage, but the Hammers have no intention of making that an easy task.  
The Good
I get to read in my drunk Tony voice, been some years sense that one's gotten a good workout.  

Larroca turns in some really excellent pencils this issue. Some is best work this issue happens straight out the gate as you see Tony pleading for Odin's audience. It's a really powerful moment and beautifully compliments Fraction's excellent writing. Tony being broken enough to admit that his intellect, science and reason had been exhausted was truly somber and perfectly reflects what an event like Fear Itself should be all about. 
There's a great section where we see the Stark Resilient crew reacting to the events in Paris. Despite her fear of what may befall her Pepper's determined to make what little difference she can. One of my favorite things about Fraction's Iron Man is how he writes the women in Tony's life. He's really done a great job with Pepper and establishing her as her own strong, engaging character even before she had the Rescue armor.  
The bits with the Detroit Steel Corps was pretty amusing and I really liked the designs for their armors. Looks like Zeke's been a busy, busy boy.  
Whether or not you like Tony drinking again or not I gotta say he does write an accurate depiction of an alcoholic relapse.     
The Bad 
I get why Tony sacrificed his sobriety, really I do. But it seems like this was just a hollow publicity stunt to generate controversy and interest. I'm not against Tony having a relapse. In fact, I've had more than a few myself so I know how tough it can be to stay dry. But something about him sacrificing it to Odin feels mellow dramatic and silly to me.  
Those dwarfs got real irritating, real fast....The sooner Tony gets out of Svartalfheim the better.   

The Verdict 
Half of this comic I enjoyed and the other half I really didn't care for none too much. All in all it's a solid issue that falters a bit, hopefully Fraction can get the groove he's built going again with the next issue. Invincible Iron Man's been one of the strongest fear Fear Itself tie ins, but it falters a bit here. Overall, this is a solid issue with some interesting elements and is worth checking out.  


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