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Tony's desperate battle against the Serpent powered Grey Gargoyle continues amid the decimated City of Light. Can Tony muster the strength and fortitude to push back the darkness which threatens to engulf the Illuminated City?
The Good 
After last issues cringe inducing ending we open this issue to Tony in dazed state reminiscing about a very unnerving moment with his Father. I always like the twisted father, son moments between Tony and Howard.   
Tony's reaction to the horror surrounding him in Paris was perfect and embodies everything that a title like Fear Itself should be about. Tony's monologue on how heroes like he and Spider-Man avoid there fears with quips and false bravado was excellent  
These issue's have really given Larroca a chance to cut loose and I couldn't be happier. I hope Fraction continues to infuse this series with more action to balance out his dialog and character study. And if that attack Tony whips out doesn't appear again in this series than it's a crime against comic readers everywhere. The capabilities of this insanely powerful suit Fraction's given Tony haven't even begun to be explored. I can't wait to see the offensive uses that Fraction and Larroca can whip up, I really feel like the limits are their own imaginations. Seriously though, that attack is Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 hyper combo worthy.   
Despite the overall morbid nature of this issue Fraction provides a bit of levity by giving a peak into what's going on back at the Stark Resilient homestead. I absolutely love the way Fraction writes these sequences and they're quite possibly my favorite element of Fraction's run. The gamesmanship between Pepper and Bethany looks to add a very enjoyable dynamic to the title. 
The Gargoyle really lays a smack down on Tony and Larroca's art makes us feel every blow in our guts. Tony decides to make a tactical retreat after a desperation move opens up a slight window of escape. Normally it'd be out of character for Tony to cut and run when their are potential innocents for him to save but in this context it really works and drives the point home just how rattled he is.  
Despite their brewing rivalry, Bethany and Pepper share a really tender moment as Pepper is overwhelmed by the hell that's broken loose in the world. Tony arrives and tries to play it cool as he usually would by joking about his injuries but the whole scene is really somber despite everyone's best effort to keep a stiff upper lip. This scene puts the bleakness of the state of their world right in front of us excellently.  
The last panel of this issue like the last's ends on quite the shocking image and has me anticipating what actions Tony will take in the future.  

The Bad  
Book feels way too thin for my $3.99, either return my 8 page back up feature, give me more story, or drop the price back to $2.99. 

Another unsatisfying cover  
There's some shots of the chaos that's going on around the world on the monitors at the office and Larroca lazily inserts some badly photo shopped images instead of drawing some actual pictures. Tha'ts a no-no, you're better than that man!  
The inclusion of Detroit steel in this issue was very unnecessary and really feels like a wast of the character.  

The Verdict 
I'm not a fan of events, especially when they come with tie in issue's which interrupt the narrative flow of a series I follow. Due to Fraction being at the helm of Fear Itself works to his advantage as he seamlessly weaves a tale which ties excellently into the event but stands on it's on for those like myself who aren't following it faithfully. My issue wit the other tie in issues I've given a chance is that I just didn't feel they encapsulate the essence of Fear, in fact I'd say that about the event's actual main title as well. With this issue and it's predecessor Fraction captures what this event should be all about. 


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