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Cracks in the armor 0

Last month I referred to Invincible Iron Man 504 as the best Fear Itself tie-in that's come out so far. The storyline continues this month with some baffling choices and some darkness looming on the horizon.The GoodThis month continues with some strong writing from Matt Fraction. It really captures the hopelessness and the 'fear" aspect of Fear Itself, putting Tony in a hopeless situation and expecting him to find a way out of it.I'm happy that we're given a look back at Stark Resilient and how ...

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Invincible Iron Man #505 0


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Surprisingly Incredible 0

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!Sp   ...

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Getting back to what made this title good. 0

"Invincible Iron Man" #505 is part two of Matt Fraction's Fear Itself tie-in. I thought the last issue was the best book linked to the Marvel event of the whole crop. While this issue isn't perfect, it's still a good book that truly feels relevant to Fear Itself.  Many have pointed out that Fraction has sputtered recently on this title and that's a hard point to argue. But I've still found his work good and really thought he picked it up last issue. This is also a solid issue that mostly serves...

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Grey Gargoyle: 2 - Tony: 0 0

First off: I've been following this Invincible Iron Man run since issue one. So keep in mind that I did not pick this up solely as a Fear Itself tie-in and I kind of do place this in the series as a whole as well.  The story Iron Man is still in Paris, waking up after his first encounter with one of the Worthy who used to be the Grey Gargoyle. There are people turned to stone and smashed apart all around him and Tony realizes that the number of casualties is incredible. The fight between him and...

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Necropolis 0

Tony's desperate battle against the Serpent powered Grey Gargoyle continues amid the decimated City of Light. Can Tony muster the strength and fortitude to push back the darkness which threatens to engulf the Illuminated City? The Good After last issues cringe inducing ending we open this issue to Tony in dazed state reminiscing about a very unnerving moment with his Father. I always like the twisted father, son moments between Tony and Howard.    Tony's reaction to the horror surrounding him in...

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On a sea 0

This is a pretty solid story.  Building on the last issue, Tony is still in Paris and fighting what appears to be the Grey Gargoyle.  It is interjected though with a lot of introspection and a bit of Tony's past dealings with his father which usually adds a bit more to the story.  The action is handled pretty well too, with an unexpected entrant into the action but with Tony clearly struggling to maintain some sense of what he can do while also indicating his frailties are sometimes evident in h...

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