thecheesestabber's Invincible Iron Man #504 - City of Light, City of Stone review

Fear Itself Hits Europe

This is arguably one of the best Fear Itself books to date. I love when Iron Mans flying through all the Stone People an has to keep reminding himself that these were people which can be seen as a sighn that the Fear gods in his head as most of us would probly avoid thinking that. Its a great story based little on story an mostly on Action an fighting the worthy. I loved this book ;o

Posted by Chompillo

Great review! I'll read this arc as soon as i can!

Posted by TheCheeseStabber
@Chompillo: thanks ide recommend the Arc highly Biggest event in the Marvel Universe

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    Heart of Stone 0

    As the lead-in to the Fear Itself crossover for the Iron Man series this issue does a decent job at it.  Of course being a crossover there is a lot of forces at play here, but the issue started off well while still maintaining some continuity to the ongoing series with some plot developments relevant to the Resilient based story arcs.  The introspection by Tony about how the Iron Man armour allows him to do good for everyone except tony Stark was a nice commentary as well.  The real action occur...

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