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Fear Itself's best tie-in so far 0

Tony Stark becomes embroiled in Fear Itself, we get to see him take on a hammer-infused Grey Gargoyle, but not without great casualties.The GoodThis issue is depressing. Sombre. Granite.But not in a bad way. Showing Grey Gargoyle's powers amplified to the point that he has petrified everyone in Paris just sets a chilling scene. This is made worse when Gargoyle starts throwing Stark through the bodies, and Tony realizes what's happening. His thoughts at the end and the lack of hope that's present...

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Fear comes for Iron Man 0

  Cover The cover art is pretty good but the concept for the cover is even better. Because if you really stared at this cover this is exactly what happened in the issue. Also it was also great to see this issue was a Fear Itself connection. It seems like the connections and mini series show fear more than in the Fear Itself series. Story The event of Fear Itself is now affecting Iron Man. He goes to Paris and finds everyone as statues. But then he finds the monster responsible for doing th...

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Modern Art of a More Morbid Nature 0

Tony goes to Paris to investigate an astronomical anomaly and finds an old foe waiting for him with a few new tricks up his sleeve. The GoodI HATE events, but I didn't feel like the main narrative of this series was interrupted for the sake of one. In fact, this didn't feel like a tie in issue at all. I'm sure that's because both Fear Itself and Iron Man are written by the same author.The issue opens with some Resilient daily operations stuff. I've always enjoyed how Fraction handles these seque...

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Fear Itself Hits Europe 0

This is arguably one of the best Fear Itself books to date. I love when Iron Mans flying through all the Stone People an has to keep reminding himself that these were people which can be seen as a sighn that the Fear gods in his head as most of us would probly avoid thinking that. Its a great story based little on story an mostly on Action an fighting the worthy. I loved this book ;o...

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Heart of Stone 0

As the lead-in to the Fear Itself crossover for the Iron Man series this issue does a decent job at it.  Of course being a crossover there is a lot of forces at play here, but the issue started off well while still maintaining some continuity to the ongoing series with some plot developments relevant to the Resilient based story arcs.  The introspection by Tony about how the Iron Man armour allows him to do good for everyone except tony Stark was a nice commentary as well.  The real action occur...

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