razzatazz's Invincible Iron Man #503 - Fear Itself review

When you get what you want but not what you need

In a fate which seems to be befalling many Marvel story arcs as of late, Fix Me is another which started strong and ended on a low point.  The story arc thus far built its strength off of the interplay between Tony and Otto, but here than interchange is mostly lacking.  What there is of it is not as witty as before nor as engaging.  The backup plot with the attack on Tony's allies is also not first rate, as there is not much resolution.  In a sense this isn't fair, as all the Marvel series are trying to tie themselves into the "Fear Itself" crossover.  Generally speaking with such a crossover it tends to throw monthly titles into a bit of disarray.  with all that considered this issue is still moderately interesting, standing on the shoulders of the two that preceded it if not on its own merits, but still leaves the reader thinking something deeper could have been achieved.  

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Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

i honestly dont like fear itself bc its being slapped across all normal marvel titles and i know that is just a sales gimmick. plus fear itself is just not that interesting to me any way! awesome review!

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