haydenclaireheroes's Invincible Iron Man #503 - Fear Itself review

Iron Man and Fear Itself


I liked seeing a Fear itself connection on this cover. I did not love the concept for the cover though it was just boring. But I did like to see the classic Invincible Iron Man art I love to see.


Tony has to beg Dr. Oct to defuse the bomb and when Tony begs Dr. Oct says it was never a bomb and just a fluke. Pepper tries to defeat Sandman and Electro but they get away. Tony and Pepper meet up saying they both had a hard day. They then go see Thor and they agree to make Asgard for them.

Best Part

Like I said for the cover I liked to see the Fear itself connection and in this issue we get to have a nice understanding of Fear Itself and what happened right before Fear Itself Book One. Something I also enjoyed was seeing Pepper in action. She has been really developing with her powers. Pepper even almost defeated Sandman and Electro.

Worst Part

I am not a Big Dr. Oct fan so I did not love his scenes. I respected him more in this issue then any other issue I read but still did not love him.


I love the classic Invincible Iron Man art.   I always loved the art and it is one of the reasons I really like the series is because of the art. The only two pages I did not like the art was the first 2 pages where they were showing the past with Tony and Dr. Oct.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 out of 5   

Posted by yeopop

I didn't know that Iron Man and Pepper fought Spider-man enemies.

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