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When you lose something you can't replace

I think in terms of an Iron Man story that this one does a much better job than most, because it looks at the genius underneath the armour, not just the tricks in the suit.  Tony is forced to meet with Doctor Octopus and face-to-face, not as Iron Man, but as Tony Stark.  As a flashback explains the two had met many years previous at a conference where they had a difference of opinion over the uses of technologies and the morality of creating weapons for the military.  Now in the present the two have a different dilemma, Doctor Octopus is dying from a brain disease and in light of Tony's recent revelation of restoring his mind to full capacity he is put to work (against his will of course) to see what he can do to help.  This is a wonderfully built story with some amazing dialogue and the last panel was absolutely beautifully conceived by the artist.  

Posted by MrUnknown

What is this review rampage day? :)

Posted by RazzaTazz
@MrUnknown: Record for reviews by me in a day is 27, I only did about 10 yesterday.

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