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Review: Invincible Iron Man #501

Out of some sick revenge, Dr. Octopus blackmails Tony into trying to solve his terminal brain illness.

The Good

It's brilliant how this storyline with Dr. Octopus is spinning out of the recent Gauntlet arc that went down in Amazing Spider-Man. You really get the sense Doc Ock's grasping at straws for a solution to his problem and because of that, he's resorting to dredging up his hitherto-unrevealed history with Tony. Once again, Fraction melds intellectual futurism with superheroics for a great tale that provokes thoughts as it accelerates pulses.

The Bad

Once again, I'd really have to  reach to find something to criticize, here. This is an excellent start for what's looking like it's going to be an awesome story arc.

The Verdict - 5/5

The appropriate use of continuity and universe sharing comes up a lot in these reviews, and I think Fraction's Iron Man has been a textbook example of how to properly balance all of that with an accessible story. It's amazing how modular he's able to make this arc - - something that can exist and thrive on its own while still being a fitting piece to the fractal puzzle that is the Marvel world. Pitting Iron Man against the Sinister Six is so basic an idea, it seems long overdue, and I'm excited to see what braining-teasing directions this confrontation will jet into.
Posted by sparty-dbq

I'm kinda pissed that the book's been bumped up to 4 dollars WITHOUT any kind of back-up, but when you're dealing with Fraction and Larroca, it's still worth every penny.

Posted by JonesDeini
I'm extremely pissed about the price jump, BUT, I'd honestly have paid $4 on this title from jump street, folk. Worth every penny and this teams yet to leave disappointed. 
Posted by longbowhunter

This issue was great. Invincible Iron Man is always good, but #501 was amazing. I loved the dialogue between Tony and Doc Ock in the flashback sequences.
Posted by Man of Lengend

so so good

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