drewvsshark's Invincible Iron Man #500 - The New Iron Age review

The New Iron Age

Marvel celebrates the 500th issue of The Invincible Iron Man by reverting back to its original numbering and taking a look at Tony Stark's distant future. 

The Pros

The decision to use a present story to connect the reader to the future timeline is very effective here, giving the reader both a point of reference for what's happening and a reason to care about new characters who aren't given much introduction.  The decision to jump right into the middle of the future timeline without any back story may catch you off guard, but it ultimately pays off here. While the future timeline is used to provide action and excitement , the present events guide the reader through the plot line.  
A well-written guest appearance by Peter Parker provides the writers with a means to seamlessly jump from the current events of the last few issues to an unrelated story that still ties in to Tony's self-induced amnesia problems. The writers handle Peter/Spider-Man expertly, especially in the confrontation with The Bastard Sons Of Wilbur Day.  
The art in the issue is great. The decision to use different artists for Ginny's, Howard's, The Mandarin's and the present scenes worked out beautifully. It gives each character and situation in the story its own distinctive feel and really adds to the storytelling. 

The Cons

 The first time I read through this, I got a little lost. It took me a few pages to gather that Ginny Stark was Howard Stark II's daughter and not Tony's, for instance. The scenes from the future are hectic and fast-paced. This adds to the story in its own way, but if you don't read it carefully, it's easy to get confused.  

Rating - 4/5

 Overall, this was a great issue. Definitely an enjoyable read with a great team of artists and writers working to bring this over-sized anniversary issue together. I was relieved to see that the numbering has been reverted. (When I first saw previews for this issue, I assumed it'd be another collection of random short stories like the Wolverine and Deadpool #900's.) It'll definitely be interesting to see where Iron Man goes from this point, especially noting that Howard Stark II is 41 in the year 2052, meaning he's born in the year 2011. I'll definitely be picking up the next few issues of Invincible Iron Man to see what happens next. If you're not already reading, this would be a great starting point. If you're already picking up Invincible Iron Man, you probably won't feel a need to stop anytime soon after reading this. 
Posted by Emperormeister734

My God he's 35 years old I thought he would remain 31 forever    :-O

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