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Review: Invincible Iron Man #500 0

Iron Man and Spider-Man get to the bottom of a possibly-dangerous leak of Stark's designs while visions of the future show the disastrous consequences of their potential failure. The Good Reminding me of DC One Million in a great way, this story brilliant weaves threads of the past and future together into a wonderfully-complex puzzle that instills much greater resonance and tension to every beat by actually telling you what's coming ahead of time. Fraction plays with expectations and associat...

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The New Iron Age 0

Marvel celebrates the 500th issue of The Invincible Iron Man by reverting back to its original numbering and taking a look at Tony Stark's distant future.  The ProsThe decision to use a present story to connect the reader to the future timeline is very effective here, giving the reader both a point of reference for what's happening and a reason to care about new characters who aren't given much introduction.  The decision to jump right into the middle of the future timeline without any back stor...

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Dark Tomorrow 0

By The Angry Comic Book Critic       Iron man has come a long way over the years and not just Technology wise oh no he's come a long way as a character he's gone from selfish CEO to Selfless Hero to near authoritarian dictator of the Marvel community when he ran shield and then to slowly becoming stupid and not regular stupid like if Paris Hilton, George W Bush, Sarah Palin, Homer Simpson and a brain dead chimp named Bubbles fused into one being of such epic stupidity that the universe cannot fo...

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The Invincible Iron Man #500 0

One of Tony's present mistakes ends up chewing a substantial chunk of our collective ass in the future. In the present Tony seeks out Peter Parker to help him remember the very creation that ushers in a dark tomorrow.   The Good Whoo, so, so much to like this issue. Let's start with the length, man oh, oh man is this A LOT of comic! You get every cent of that $5 you shell out for this issue. You even get a nice preview of Nick Spencer's Iron Man 2.0 to boot.   This Issue has four story lines run...

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Invincible Iron Man 500 Review 0

       I was never a huge Iron Man fan. I knew a lot about him though, since my best friend considered him to be his favorite super-hero. As a result, I was always in the know on what he was doing and saw the movies and what-not. Then came Invincible Iron Man, the critically acclaimed Iron Man book that I could start reading in an instant. But I didn't. I never read an Iron Man comic in fact. Not until last week when I decided to read it all before this issue came out. So I did. I read Invincibl...

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A Possible Future(?) to Watch! 0

Matt Fraction continues his superb storytelling skills in the pages of Iron Man. This issue is no exception! Never resting his laurels even after winning the prestigious Eisner's, he teased readers/fans what would be in store for this golden avenger for the years to come. He first showed us the possibilities of having a three generation of Starks in a dystopian future. A young freedom fighter, a war dog and a pitiful human pet of the despotic Mandarin. Then after a few pages, a present times tha...

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Web of time 0

Most landmark issues get stuck in a bit of predictable pattern.  They either look back to the past and fill in some blanks about a character, or they look forward and redirect the chracter's path.  It is therefore then refreshing to see this issue which just takes an interlude (though still tying it into the running Stark Resilient storyline) to tell an interesting story.  Marvel Comics has a policy about no time travel in their stories, and although this may be restrictive to a certain sense, a...

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