g_man's Invincible Iron Man #500.1 - What It Was Like, What Happened, And What It's Like Now review

Point 1 Means Good Jumping On Point

The first of Marve's "Point 1 Initiative" comics provides a story that anyone can read and get a full understanding of the characters involved. 

The Good 

In a sense this is an origin story. You might be saying, "But I already know Tony Stark/Iron Man's origin." That may be the case. The Marvel ".1" stories are meant for new readers. It tells someone not familiar with every little detail of Tony Stark's life everything and more they would want or need to know. That doesn't necessarily mean Iron Man fans should simply pass on the issue. 
This issue is still by the regular Invincible Iron Man creative team. We still have Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca delivering the goods in presenting Tony's origin, in a slightly different manner. That means it's not just flashback after flashback. Fraction chose a clever way to bring everyone up to speed on who Tony Stark is. Even long time Iron Man readers might learn a thing or two. Or at least see past events in a different light. It's a clever way to make the issue accessible to new readers while not making long time readers that buy the issue regret their purchase. 

The Bad 

For me, it is an origin issue. It's a very clever presented origin but still an origin. It's nicely done and in a nice package. It's a great buy for those not completely familiar with Iron Man yet still enjoyable for everyone else, just not crucial. 

The Verdict 

Do you want to know all about Tony Stark? Do you think you know all the details of his life? This Marvel .1 issue delivers Iron Man's life story in a way that brings new readers up to speed and also provides an entertaining interpretation to readers that already know the story. Fraction and Larroca ensure that long time readers won't feel they bought simple flashback issue by providing the quality that we've seen throughout the series. 
Posted by longbowhunter

If it hadnt been such a light week I may not have picked this up. Thankfully that was not the case here. I really enjoyed the retelling of Iron Man's origin through Tony's A.A. speech. And Larocca's art in the flashback sequences was stellar! Anyone with a great love for Fraction's previous Iron Man stories will want to read this for sure.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

Do you really thinking so much of Tony's life story needs to be retold in comic form when you have the movies have already give this story the basic gist? I have a hard time believing that someone is going to just happen to start with the comic on this issue that comes out this particular month.
When I first got into comics, I never had these grand retelling of origins. Still, I caught up easily enough on everything. I didn't have the benefit of the internet and sites such as Comic Vine. In this era, it seems far more likely that if someone is curious enough to start buying. They will more than likely search the internet for information first then buy an issue.
To get these kind of comics, you'd have to go into an actual comic book store. I can't imagine seeing a .1 comic filling the shelves of a local book store, where the casual reader might see this; and often times comic book stores aren't incredibly friendly to new users. Unless Marvel really advertises outside of their normal zones. I don't see how all these new readers they hope to get will even know it's out there. This feels more like something they should of released when the movie came out, or added this in with the DVDs of the movie as an extra. Sort of, watch the movie and read what's going on with the comic.

I'm interested in seeing how the wiki database holds up against these .1 issues.

Posted by G-Man
@FoxxFireArt: There's the matter of the visual presentation versus the mostly text of different wiki sites. Plus there's always bound to be little tweaks or tiny bits of new information. Like I never saw Tony Stark partying as a teen.
Posted by JonesDeini
@G-Man said:
" @FoxxFireArt: There's the matter of the visual presentation versus the mostly text of different wiki sites. Plus there's always bound to be little tweaks or tiny bits of new information. Like I never saw Tony Stark partying as a teen. "
At first this pissed me all the way off, thought it was an over-glorified "sagas" feature. Then I reread it, man was I wrong, I'm against this .1 thing because it's going to further complicate Marvels numbering and I feel it's a cheap ploy to suck a few extra bucks out of me, BUT I gotta admit this was a great comic and shows just why I love Fraction's Iron Man. 

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