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Point 1 Means Good Jumping On Point 0

The first of Marve's "Point 1 Initiative" comics provides a story that anyone can read and get a full understanding of the characters involved.  The Good In a sense this is an origin story. You might be saying, "But I already know Tony Stark/Iron Man's origin." That may be the case. The Marvel ".1" stories are meant for new readers. It tells someone not familiar with every little detail of Tony Stark's life everything and more they would want or need to know. That doesn't necessarily mean Iron M...

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Invincible Iron Man 500.1 Review 0

       So a funny thing happened today. I'm sitting in my room, getting ready to visit my girlfriend, and my roommate asked me who my favorite superhero is. I told him "The one that I have 5 figures of on my desk". That would be the Flash. But my roommate looked at my other figures too, seeing Captain America, Thor, and lastly, Iron Man. I said they were favorites too, except Iron Man. I just like the outfit that figure has. Well, issue 500.1 here has changed my mind. Matt Fraction and Salvador ...

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Tony's Origin Story in a way we never seen it before 0

  Cover I love this cover because it is the normal Invincible Iron Man art which I love. Next to Francis Manipul I think Salvador Larroca is one of the best artists of comic books. One of the reasons I really love this series. Story Tony tells his life story at an AA meeting and how alcohol has affected his life.  This is his origin story. Best Part Tony has many oracle stories in comics. It just has been retold and retold because he is a very popular character. But this origin story has been ...

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Invincible Iron Man 500.1 0

Brother Stark takes 'em church and TESTIFIES!!!!  The Good Okay, so I gotta admit, I initially HATED this issue. Tony at an AA meeting? Really, man? We're STILL beating that inebriated horse? When I began reading this in my local shop I immediately felt like this was a "Sagas" with more pictures. Like a comic book equivalent of watching a clip show, with a little cast and director commentary. But I was wrong, very wrong. What this comic is is an excellent retelling of Tony's origin. We get Tony'...

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If you don't have it, you're on the other side 0

This issue is intended as an origin story, but I think in terms of what was accomplished here it sort of transcended the origin and went for something larger.  Most origin stories get told along fairly common line - a villainous monologue or a group of heroes getting together to share about their past.  This story is different though as it frames Tony's life and adventures around the addictions that have defined him as a person (and these have not only been alcohol).  Instead of looking at looki...

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