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Stark Shut Down!

So this is the fifth installment of "The Five Nightmares" a story about the rise of Ezekiel Stane, the son of Tony's old enemy, Obadiah Stane.  The young Stane is taking Tony's technology and using it to instigate terror attacks all over the world.  The latest targets are Stark Tech facilities in various countries.
The writing on this is actually pretty good.  I haven't managed to get lost at all and the Ezekiel aspect is keeping me pretty interested.  It's pretty obvious at the end of the book that it's really a robot.  I'm not sure if they made the right move by making that obvious.  Perhaps they should have made you think the worst and then pick up the next issue to realize that it's a robot.  Of course that could come off as being even more cheap than what they did.  What do I think they should have done?  Reveal that it was a robot a page or so before the last page, then have the last page be Tony in a suped up version of the Iron Monger armor (Obadiah's armor) ready to kick the kid's ass.
Of course maybe that idea is too 80's/90's for most, but that's how I would have done it.
The art is "ok" for Salvador Larocca.  The interiors are fine, but the cover is just aweful.  It really looks rushed, almost amteurish for such a seasoned vet.  I mean, look at Ezekiel's shoulder, is there some sort of cancerous tumor going on there?  I dunno.  Sorry, I just expect more from a guy who's been in the business so long.
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