haydenclaireheroes's Invincible Iron Man #33 - The Man in the Box review

Detroit Steel is offline but Hammer girls are very much alive


The cover is great. The art is always great in this series and this goes the same for the cover.


Maria Hill is trying to help Tony. War Machine and Rescue are safe. Ad Maria is trying to help Tony is trying run away from Detroit Steel with his new car. Maria gets a hold of General Babbage who signed Detroit Steel’s contracts. The general calls the Hammer girls and tells to pull everything off. The Hammer Girls try blackmail but, that does not work and they pull away Detroit Steel. Rhody goes to General Babbage office and is offered a job and he agrees. Maria Hill says this is a great job for Rhody to keep a eye on General Babbage. Tony then launches his commercial for his new car.

Best Part

I liked seeing the end of this story arc. I like seeing there is an endless of possibilities of how issue 500 is going to start. This story I think is a great base for that issue.

Worst Part

I felt this issue was a little slow. It kind of was predictable and for some reason you knew what was going to happen. By reading this issue felt the story just did not go anywhere. Even though it was a moderate read I felt that you do not have to pick this issue up. It was not a fun issue and it did not progress the story that much. It was just all too predictable.


This series is one of my favorites for the art. I hope it never changes. It always looks so life like to me and that is my favorite type of art. It really help you get sucked into the story when you are reading it.

Pick it up or not

Do not pick it up!!!

2 ½ out of 5. 

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