jonesdeini's Invincible Iron Man #33 - The Man in the Box review

Invincible Iron Man #33

Tony races against time to save Pepper while simultaneously trying to save himself and the "Resilient" prototype from Detroit Steel and his fighter drones.  
The Good 
Man, oh man, do I love this series, let me start by saying that if you're not reading this then I'm assuming you're either blind, dead, or stupid. I kid, I kid but seriously, if you're not reading Fraction's Iron Man you're a baby hating terrorist!!! Anyways, onto this issue, and what a stellar issue it is.  
Oh so much to love about this issue. I'll start with the cover, great cover. Love Larroca's art work on this series. The realistic style of his art really makes the book come alive. His work has the rare quality of making something as normal as a business meeting at Stark Resilient seem as vibrant as an action packed battle with Detroit Steel. I can't stress enough how much his art work compliments Fraction's writing. Sometimes a simple facial expression he gives the characters can substitute for whole pages of dialog. The chemistry these two share is that rare sort that defines a title for a generation.  
Onto the real highlight of this title, Matt Fraction's writing. Saying it's been strong throughout the series would be an understatement and a slap in the face to the man. In this particular issue Fraction's the best I've seen him in a long time, and that's saying something considering how consistently excellent he is. This guy's got Tony Stark and his world down to a "T". Every time I read one of his issues I can easily imagine Robert Downey Jr. effortlessly saying Tony's dialog. What I like best about his writing though is how he brings light to Tony's supporting cast of Pepper, Rhodey, and Maria Hill. I've always loved his depiction of Maria Hill, he really developed and defined the character during his run and continues to do so here. The way she steps in to save Tony's ass, much to his chagrin, is great. Especially considering their love hate relationship with one another. Another shining moment for Hill is the shake down she pulls on Gen. Babbage toward the end of the issue.  
I mentioned earlier how Fraction really, really has nailed down Tony's character, this issue does a great job of evidencing that. The little photo op between Tony & Lt. Johnson is rife with humor. The verbal gamesmanship betwixt the two is excellently done. Only Tony Stark has the ego to flip his enemies the iron birdy by turning a nearly successful attempt on his life into a commercial for his latest product. The way this issue ends is sublime and does a superb job of setting up Invincible Iron Man 500. Let's just say the Hammer Girls aren't letting this little set back deter their plans, and boy do they have big plans for everyone's favorite futurist. And they've got the proper mind and muscle backin' them to make their dreams into Tony's living nightmare.  
As a back up feature to this Issue there's a mostly dialog-less "Day in the life of Tony Stark" style mini comic, great stuff and pushes this title over the top for a perfect score.  
The Bad 
The books gone from 2.99 to 3.99 
The Verdict 
buy this comic!!! Read this series!!!! Your life will be richer for it!!!!

Posted by longbowhunter

I really hated the price jump on this book. Alot of times that'll make me drop a series. This is one of the exceptions. What I like most about this series is the creative team has been going for 33 issues. No fill in artists. Its one of a few titles that has such a defined look and feel. Issue #33 was stellar.

Posted by JonesDeini
True indeed, I'm usually the first to cry foul on a price jump, but hey, this title's been worth every penny since jump street. And this team has really defined  Iron Man for me. Much like Marjorie Liu/Acuna did with Black Widow.

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