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Review: Invincible Iron Man #33 0

With both War Machine and Rescue powered down and out of commission, Tony Stark gives Detroit Steel and his drones one hell of a race IN their would-be assassination. The Good Smartass superheroes are more the rule than the exception these days, but Fraction's Tony Stark ridicules his foes with such flippant panache, it feels like a much realer brand of showboating. Let me put it this way - - Stark turns an narrowly-repelled attempt on his life into a smug commercial for his new car. So much ...

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Invincible Iron Man #33 0

Tony races against time to save Pepper while simultaneously trying to save himself and the "Resilient" prototype from Detroit Steel and his fighter drones.   The Good Man, oh man, do I love this series, let me start by saying that if you're not reading this then I'm assuming you're either blind, dead, or stupid. I kid, I kid but seriously, if you're not reading Fraction's Iron Man you're a baby hating terrorist!!! Anyways, onto this issue, and what a stellar issue it is.   Oh so much to love abo...

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Detroit Steel is offline but Hammer girls are very much alive 0

Cover The cover is great. The art is always great in this series and this goes the same for the cover. Story Maria Hill is trying to help Tony. War Machine and Rescue are safe. Ad Maria is trying to help Tony is trying run away from Detroit Steel with his new car. Maria gets a hold of General Babbage who signed Detroit Steel’s contracts. The general calls the Hammer girls and tells to pull everything off. The Hammer Girls try blackmail but, that does not work and they pull away Detroit Steel. R...

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This is a must read 0


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Familiar face 0

Almost fittingly for this story arc, whereas the last issue finally seemed like it was getting on track, here it falls back into the same territory it has flirted with the whole arc.  Not that there is much wrong with this issue, in fact there is a lot of good.  The battle between Tony and the Hammer women (courtesy of the drones and Detroit Steel) goes on but resolution doesn't come with a huge knockout but rather more behind the scenes negotiations.  This leads to more negotiations, some of wh...

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Invincible Iron Man #33 review 0

Wow, I really enjoyed this one. Lately, I haven't been enjoying Matt Fraction's writing but i must say that this was an amazing way to finish off the stark resilient story line. This story basically fills in all the missing pieces of the previous issues and actually almost makes up for the long and dragged out story arc. I felt as if this issue showcased Fraction's ability of witty writing and humorous dialogue. The whole idea of the repulsor powered car was very interesting even though I felt a...

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