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This is the first issue of the story arc which really lives up to its potential, but unfortunately for the concept behind the story arc, it is because most of the scheming and double crossing going on behind the scenes is foregone here in place of pretty much wall-to-wall action.  The action is a lot of fun though as the three armoured heroes try to figure out just what is going on with the surprise attack on the Stark Resilient demo.  The problem solving aspect is pretty fun here especially as the heroes are bouncing ideas off each other in mid-action and is even played up at one point for a bit of comic relief: 

  In not having to rely on the story line which at times has held this story arc up and at times dragged it down, this issue gets a chance to shine a bit better than the others.  The action is fun, and the momentum is good leading into the next issue (especially with the solution the heroes have come up with) and it is now just time to deliver on that promise.  

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