razzatazz's Invincible Iron Man #30 - Tony, We Don't Want to Destroy You review

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore, hold me close, sway me more

Does it make me sound shallow that part of the reason I decided to read this story arc is because Stark is dancing tango on one of the covers?  Tango is actually an apt analogy to this issue though (which is why they chose it I am sure) as Tony and Sasha Hammer basically do a dance around themselves and end up in a fit of passion, just like the sultry dance is intended to do.  This is really the first issue of the story arc which reached the potential it has been promising.  The reference to sex in a moving car has been done better elsewhere but it is done here relatively well too.  

Really though it is mostly the conversation between the protagonist and one of the main antagonists that really sets this apart.  Both are weaving a delicate web of words, hoping to catch the other in a trap until the tension builds into actual fighting.  This aspect of the story aside, the issue also shines for a bit more fruition on the startup technology and how Tony spins the attack on the freeway.  There is a lot more momentum now behind this story arc, by grace of this strong issue.  

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