batmanboy11's Invincible Iron Man #30 - Tony, We Don't Want to Destroy You review

Tony, We Don't Want to Destroy You

Invincible Iron Man just keeps getting better. Every issue of “Stark Resilient” has gotten steadily more awesome, and this one does not disappoint. The plot is great, yet again. This issue sees Tony finding out what Sasha Hammer can do, and the new Stark car is finally built and ready to test. This issue ends with a bigger cliffhanger than the last few, but even without that cliffhanger I was coming back next for the next issue. Now on to the issue; Fraction’s writing is as amazing as ever and makes every scene fun and enjoyable. I’d like to mention where I think his writing was best this issue, the dialogue between Sasha and Tony was funny and easily the best part of the issue. Like Fraction’s writing, Larroca’s art is still fantastic. This issue he had more action to work with, which is a good thing, but his character work is still pretty good. I really liked his work on Tony and Sasha, but his Pepper looked a bit odd this month. Overall this is a great book that any Iron Man fan needs to pick up.     

Posted by Koz

This series is really good. I am looking forward to see what happens in the future.
Posted by batmanboy11

I agree. And I am also excited to see what happens next.

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